One Plus 3T Review

In today’s price sensitive market, One Plus have again did it with a new addition to its franchise which comes in the name 3T. It has all the premium features and comes in less than half the price that similar models of competitors are offering at. One Plus 3T is the successor of One Plus 3 and just as in the paper, in reality also both the models have nothing like major difference. We will now cover each and every factor of this product and decide whether it is worth to buy or not!

Design and build nature
The phone has a screen that is of 5.5 inch and is powered by AMOLED display. With gorilla glass 4 and high pixel density the screen and color looks amazing and sharp. As with the build, the rounded edges in this device makes it feel good to hold and carry. The button placement is perfect in this device. Feedback and sensitivity of buttons are also above average.

The home button that is provided at the bottom of the screen also acts as finger print scanner. This feature lets you quickly unlock phones and apps without going through all the effort of drawing patterns. The camera provided at the back of the phone is a little bit protruded outside. But the sapphire crystal glass with which it is made protects it from all scratches.

The downside is that there are often times when we feel that the touch lags. We also noticed that a number of times our gestures were wrongly interpreted. However, One Plus have said that they understood the problem and will solve in the coming updates.

The Snapdragon 821 chip that is used in this device makes it super-fast and performance beast in this category. It also comes with 6Gb of RAM and 128Gb of internal storage. That will cover your entire songs, movies and games. The device is being released with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow version.

The device is smooth and fluid and why not! With 4Gb free RAM at your disposal, you can open and minimize any number of apps and games without the fear of auto closing. With the powerful chip, performance based games such as Asphalt runs without any lags. Extended period of gaming also does not cause over heating of the device. The battery backup was also quite impressive. The Antutu bench mark score was 160600 and the graphics supported around 60 frames per second.

16 megapixel camera were able to take pictures pretty well. Low light performance was also decent. The device is capable to shoot 4k videos without any lag or problem.

At first impression, we did not notice anything different between One plus 3 and 3T. But with further testing, there were difference in display, color representation and performance. With the present rate, you can definitely ditch One plus 3 and go for 3T.

Still there are some minor glitches like touch lag and missing FM radio app, but the company have promised to fix them soon.

In short, this is the best budget android smartphone that you can get at present market situation.

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