How Does Xender File Transfer Works?

Those who don’t know what Xender app is and how it works let me brief it for you. Xender is a free application that is available in Android and iOS to transfer large files such as movies and pictures from one phone to another wirelessly. What even more interesting is that it does not make use of our special 4G or 3G internet data. We also do not have to go through all the trouble of finding our tiny USB stick.

How to work it?
With Xender, file sharing is easier than ever before. If you want to send a file through Xender, you have to first create a WiFi hot-spot service. This can be automatically created for you when you choose the send option in Xender app. Those who want to receive the file from you then connect to this particular WiFi hot-spot through their android phone, iOS phone or windows laptop.

The best thing about Xender is that it does not have any limitations on the size of the file that you are allowed to send. The application also comes absolutely free of cost. The only requirement for using this application is that all the phones should have this application installed in order to send or receive file.

What is the technology behind Xender?
So what is really the reason why one should ditch Bluetooth file sharing and other apps and switch to Xender?

Instead of eating up on out precious mobile data or instead of using the old and slow Bluetooth connection, Xender app uses WiFi service in order to send and receive files and data. The reason why WiFi is more preferred than Bluetooth is because of its 50 times more speed than the latter.

Some of the main features of Xender app include:

  • Fun, attractive and simple user interface.
    Zero data usage.
    Users have the facility to create their own profile with unique pictures and name for easier identification.
    Completely free of cost.

There are more than one way to connect a laptop to Xender app in a phone to transfer file. If the hot-spot connection does not work for you then there are couple of other efficient methods.

One of them is to connect to their official sharing website which is If the laptop is connected to the same network as that of the device then, with a browser, user can access and browse through device’s files and folders. Once the user enters the website, they are given a QR code. With Xender application, you have the option to open phone’s camera and scan the QR code. Once the QR is scanned and if the authentication keys of both device and laptop matches, the connection is established and you can copy and paste everything to your heart’s content.

There are two methods to transfer files:

1.Group: In this method user can create a group and then send files to multiple people simultaneously.
2.Shake: In this feature the users just need to shake the phone in order to send the files that he have selected.

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