Best Tips For Landscape Photography

How often have we stopped to click pictures when cruising through amazing and beautiful backdrops? There could have been times where you just want to take out your camera and copy everything that you see just like that to show to your friends and families. But what you get is rather depressing and less thrilling. Everything that made you thrilled and excited is missing in the picture.

So what happened there?

It seems that our little camera and lenses are not smart enough to only capture the things that we want to see. Our eyes and brain works in such a way that we get drawn more towards what we are aroused and fascinated and blurs all the rest.

So what can I do to convey more emotions through my clicked pictures? Well guess what?  You have come to the right place. We discuss here some of the important tips and tricks to do just that.

1. Click the pictures during sunset and sunrise: Try to click and shoot more during these times. It is because when you trying to capture an image under broad sunlight, you might lose details and other important factors due to strong contrast and sharpness. Also during harsh sunlight there are chances for the formation of sharp shadows. During sunset or sunrise, the sunlight would be much softer and this is the best time to click pictures that you need.

2. Simplify the image: Before trying to click a picture, try to determine the subject of the picture. Then analyze the background and remove everything that is not part of the subject or related to the subject. Try to follow a minimalist concept.

3. RAW format: It is very important that you click each and every picture in RAW format. This is because almost 90% of the pictures that are clicked nowadays goes through post filtering and processing methods. For this to happen successfully and to retain the clarity of the image, making the image in RAW format is important.

4. Do the manual clicking the right way: Using the automatic feature of the modern DSLR camera is easy and efficient. But when you are not satisfied with the result that the machine gives you, you can try to enhance the image by clicking manually. Before doing a manual click make sure that you are not using the smallest aperture of the lens. If you have spare then change the lens. When you are trying to focus on an object manually make sure that you are one third of a distance away from the object.

5. Try to use automatic shutter: This includes the use of automatic remote release or automatic timer to click the picture. Just using the tripod is not enough to take a sharp and high quality picture. You have to make sure that the camera does not shake even by a slight degree and for this automatic shutter techniques will help you. You can also use mirror lock up option which is supported by almost all the modern DSLRs now.

6. Pick the right weather: I bet that you have seen that pearly silky water in different magazines and ads and wondered how they manage to take it in such a way. Well, when clicking the image of a water body do it when the weather is overcast. This condition gives the water the texture that you want. Shutter speed should be around 1/15 seconds and should make use of shutter priority feature of your DSLR. But that being said most of the magazines and ads use filters after clicking the picture for that final touch. So you can also do the same to beautify your image for one last time.

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