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Internet being a luxury and a tool of rich people is a news of past. Nowadays, Internet is more of a necessity than luxury. You would need internet to get things up and running. From paying bills to register for different examinations and jobs we rely on internet.  In the past decade, the usage pattern and number of internet users in India have dramatically changed. There are eight times more people accessing internet through their laptop and mobile phone than it did 10 years ago. This sudden growth of internet users have led to the growth of many new internet service providers. Lot of companies saw the potential in the internet business and have jumped to the bandwagon.

So which are the top ISP in India? Here in this article, we are giving top Internet service providers in India.

1. Asianet Dataline Broadband

it is one of the most popular and biggest ISP in southern India. It has more than one hundred thousand subscribers in its database and is deemed as one of the most reliable and affordable ISP.

You can reach them at

2. Sify broadband

Sify is another ISP that provides high speed broadband services at affordable tariffs. Sify broadband boasts of huge customer database and covers a large part of the country with its network. The highlight of this broadband network is the reliable customer care service and high speed internet that customer receives.

You can visit for more information.

3. Reliance broadband

Reliance have earned itself a name and place in the list of top ISP in India with its high speed network and affordable tariff plans. With more than 150 million subsribers in its database, this service is one of the favorite service for the internet users. Get more information from

4. Airtel broadband

Airtel is one of the network operator which has the highest number of customers. Airtel earned its name with its high quality performance and high speed data service. This network operator has more than 250 million subscribers and covers more than 90% of the country with more coverage on rural areas and villages. For more information visit

5. MTNL broadband

This is one of the oldest network operator working in India. MTNL started in 1986 and covered the metro cities such as New Delhi and Kolkata. The service later expanded its wings and covered more of the country. Today all the major cities and town is covered by MTNL service providers. What really attracts customers to this ISP is their super affordable tariff plans. This network is much more than just broadband. With GSM services and landline services, this network operator covers a lot of value added services. Get more information from

6. BSNL broadband

BSNL is now one of the largest and biggest network operator in India. With affordable tariff plans and excellent customer services, this network covers a lot of country including remote towns and rural areas. This network operator started to function from 2000 and has now more than 100 million happy customers. For latest information visit

These are some of the best and top internet service providers in India and if you want to an affordable high internet data usage, then make sure to check these companies out.

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